SNAP Charge transactions in short period of time

If you have been sent a charge notice and see 2-4 transactions made by the same cardholder within a 24 hour period, the USDA’s tracking system has most likely flagged your machine for this reason.

The USDA’s thought process is as follows: If you go grocery shopping and then forget an item or two, it is understandable. You would walk back into the store within a few hours and get that last item that you forgot about the first time.

When a customer at your store purchases $80 worth of goods and then returns within a few hours to purchase another $50 worth of goods, it is suspicious to the USDA as to why somebody would return and practically do an entire new grocery shopping. The questions raised are who else is using the card? Should the store owner know that these transactions are illegal and what are the customers really buying?

One of our clients describes his clientelle’s behavior as such that once a customer makes their first purchase, the customer then asks how much money is left on their card and based on the reply, then, purchases more groceries. For this reason, they normally make a test purchase of a qualified grocery item and then plan for future purchases. Their future purchase is normally made within minutes of finding out how much money is remaining on their card.

It is most important to respond to your notice on time. There are numerous reasons as to why your customers behave the way the do. Neither one of us are psychologists or consumer behavior specialists. Call us to respond to your notice.

SNAP Charge transactions in short period of time

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