Snap Trafficking Charges High Dollar Amounts


Under this section, store owners are not allowed to restrict the time or purchase amount of its customers.

Is it not ironic that the SNAP manual written by the USDA tells you not to question your customers, but then they will send you a charge letter for having high-dollar sales?

Many of our clients sell large dollar items such as raw meat, baby formula (Similac and Enfamil), and energy drinks at their stores. Now, couple that with large families such as in the West side of Chicago where you have a minimum of 4 kids per family and you now have a very high bill per customer.

The problem defending our clients starts when they cannot provide any documentation to support these claims. It is not a matter of obtaining sworn affidavits from customers, rather, it is a matter of producing your cost of goods purchased and matching them to z-tapes to support your claim that you have had to stock your store with expensive per item merchandise and that you actually sold that product.

Now, going back to page 7 of the SNAP Manual – Respect your SNAP customers – how is this possible when you have to make them legitimize their need for using their EBT card at your store to make a purchase? It is an impossibility to please the USDA and your client.

Snap Trafficking Charges High Dollar Amounts

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