Snap Trafficking

The most common charges that our clients receive from the USDA are:

  1. Transactions ending in the same amount ie. $4.88, $10.88
  2. Manually entered transactions
  3. Transactions occurring within a short time period
  4. Large transactions

Each one of these categories is discussed in greater detail in separate posts on our website. It is all too common that our client will receive a 10-day notice, then, they will either themselves write a defense letter or get somebody not properly trained to respond to a USDA SNAP Trafficking charge letter and then come to us when their position is rejected. Obviously, as an Attorney dealing with SNAP and the USDA, we know that paying any Attorney legal fees for something out of the ordinary is something that most clients do not want to do. You will have to pay legal fees with our firm. However, you need to weigh the cost of having your EBT suspended indefinitely versus having things done the right way.

It’s an old saying – if you think hiring a professional is expensive, then, hire an amateur.

Snap Trafficking

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